Where did O-it start?

O-it was first trialled in Brisbane in early 2020 featuring a pop-up shop. We wanted to change the way people see op shops. We sourced second hand shop fitting and we curated our clothing selection. 

The pop up was open for two weeks and it was warmly received by the op shopper community and locals. The donations we received were fantastic and we put donated goods straight back onto  racks.  

We knew we had hit something special and this is why we decided to keep the momentum going. We have set up this online store to give op shoppers 24-7 access.  

What O-it is all about?

Australians love fashion. On average, each of us consumes 27 kilos of fashion per year- 4 times more than we did two decades ago. Unfortunately, 85% of our no-longer-favourite clothes ends up in landfill. We want to help give them new life.

Australians are great at donating clothing to charities (780,000 tonnes of clothing per year to be exact!) and we can do more.

Next time you donate, to maximise your positive impact, remember that if it’s good enough for a friend, it’s good enough to donate.

To find out more about O-it or to request donation bags to be sent to you, click the button below to visit our official website.

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